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If You Sing Loud and Clear

someone passing by will surely hear

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Thank you so much! Heee, it was indeed! I just saw episode 9 this morning, actually! I'm so glad you liked it!

*keyboard mash* YES. Awesome. I love the way Ryuk's mind works, and I love how you wrote both him and Light. This makes me very happy. ^^

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Thank you! :D

And holy crap, your icon is quite possibly the curest thing I have ever seen.

*Cutest, rather. *headdesks*

Yay! Thank you! They were both very hard to write - I normally don't write fic until I've seen all the canon for something, but Death Note is proving to be an exception!

Nice work. XD I love Ryuk and this was executed very well for such a difficult prompt.

Thank you! I was very nervous about this one.

I like the descriptions of how Light feels. The idea of all the activity in a human body. Very nice.

Characterisation was great (I've only seen one more episode than you XD Or two? What am I up to now?)

Also, I like that you didn't make it disturbing XD

Description of the room and just...Light, that was all great. How he's constantly working, and deep into what he's doing, but relaxed. ^_^

Thank you!

Awesome! I was very, very nervous of this one! They're both hard characters to write.

No, no graphic depictions of hot NC-17 Death God on Wannabe Death God action. ;)

I wonder what Shinigami tacle looks like though. Especially with those boney guys back home... No, actually, I don't want to wonder about that.

Yaaaay! Thank you so much for this! I feel uber special now, a beautiful fic just for me! :D

*is sooo happy* XD XD XD

Woot! Found it ;D
I loved it... made me feel all tense and anticipatory ... curiously by the end of it I am not sure if I am disappointed or relieved Ryuk didn't take it too far... God I am such a pervert :P

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