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This Shouldn't Surprise Anyone....

I'm moving house here in LJland.

I mentioned a couple of times that lately I just don't feel right with this LJ. It's not me anymore, I feel awkward and out of place updating/checking Flist/etc. So rather than go through the epic hassle of changing my LJ name, re-organizing everything, overhauling all the graphics and icons and tags, etc etc....

I just made a new LJ account. I'm not deleting this one or anything, it's got almost seven years of crap in it, but I don't think I'll be updating here anymore. I've been going through metamorphoses, and this is just another aspect of it.

ANYWAY! If you still want to be LJ friends, I shall be over at cross_the_sky. I figured I'd make this easy on everybody. I'm not going to pester anyone to follow me, and will gladly friend back anyone who friends me over there, and won't take it personally if you decide not to.

(I mean, unless we're super close or also RL friends or something. Then I'll take it personally. ;D)

That's about the long and short of it!
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Brock Fuck This

Icon Used In Amusement!

I swear, I'm going to have to write drunken bestiality just to purge this!

Backstory: I started writing a fic. I still owe my girlfriend Brock/21 porn, but this idea just wouldn't leave me alone. I'm a good ways into it - slow going because it's new characters - and I know what I want to title it. I want to title it 'Dirty Deeds'. It works on a couple of levels, for the two characters involved. There's the obvious, since party A is a wealthy, influential dude and party B is, canonically, the dude who does his dirty work. But there's also the semi-pun due to the line 'for a fee I'm happy to be your backdoor man'. Because that's a long standing fanon idea about these two. (Paying for sex, among everything else, I mean. And by 'long standing fanon idea' I mean 'me, Nija and Sasuke think so, because Cheeseman is master of Bad Touch'. :D)

But...I know damn well that myself and the two other people* who'd be reading this will not automatically fill in 'Done Dirt Cheap', but rather 'Done With Sheep'. (Even though originally it was a goat. Sheep are funnier anyway.)

Also, I still want that 'You're my only friend, Mr. Sheep!' picture.

And yes, this update is completely random and pointless, other than the fact I'm hoping I can now finish my super porny, Romanesque man-sex fic.

*Not posting it or anything because a) like no-one on m Flist is into the fandom and b) I'm not actually done with the canon, and I hate posting things when I'm not 100% solid on canon.
Thug Love

And Then You'll Make Their Heads Explode?

Wow, today's been a good day!

Went grocery shopping, got some veggies and fruit and crap - since my recent health issues are pretty much purely due to me failing epically at eating anything other than like...pasta and cake. Then I had an Issue with some music transfer stuffs, and Boy Wonder (formerly referred to as Sasuke) came by with our kotatsu table!

But of course we first needed to rearrange the living room. Which looks awesome now, and we have been hanging out around the table since we got it set up. It's perfect for reading, eating, playing video games, writing, crafting....pretty much everything.

Also made a run to the Dollar Store, and ended up rearranging the shed, too, since we ended up with a spare table out there. It looks like a living room now. Couch, coffee table, shelves, carpet, toys.... ;) (We have a magnet fishing toy and some papercraft figures.)

Then it was Video Game Time. Boy Wonder was quite curious to get a look at this game I've been going nuts over, so....I booted up a new game to show her. :D We sadly did not get to the 'don't date rape the queen' part, but there's not much further to go. nijawial gave her Psychonauts afterwards, and...we're still watching her play. :D Later, after the Green Fairy drops by, we're going to introduce her to Okami. :D

I made a new fictional friend on Twitter. I've expanded my list of fictional people to follow to the Venture Bros cast, and 21 is hilarious. And very friendly!

I feel out of touch with the world of the media, but it's okay.

I caught a thing on the upcoming music awards, and didn't recognize a single person up for an award. But they mostly looked rather frightening.

People keep asking me if I'm for Conan or Leno, and I'm still not entirely sure why I have to choose either of them. I did a Spanish assignment on Conan once. I'm guessing there's some sort of feud?

I'm kind of hungry. I think I'll fix a quick bite to eat and then maybe take a bath.
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Rufus Seemed Like Such a Nice Boy At First....

So, I've been playing Sims. A lot. Mainly because I spent a very long time making my latest batch of Sims - and I still only kind of have three out of an eventual set Wow. Anyway! I wasn't planning on doing another story/picture post thing, but...yeah, once Rufus ShinRa showed up, everything went to hilarious hell!

(Warnings: This post rated R for naked Sim boobies and bottoms. Also pardon the two or so small pictures.)

So I bring to you:

Collapse )

...And you know, despite the fact that there's more, I think this is enough insanity for today.

*No, I did not set this up. No, I can't think of a clever reason why those three are gardening naked at midnight.
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In Destruction We May Lose Ourselves, But Still I Will Remain...

Hello LJ land!

I've been sick, which is nothing new. Not entirely sure what it was. Monday I started getting bad migraines, and by Wednesday my stomach was upset and I was feverish and achey. I feel better today, so....

Uh, I really haven't been doing much since I last posted. I'm level grinding in LO, so not much more has happened there - and I'll be honest, I've been hesitating playing further for fear of crushing disappointment - and I've been sick so I haven't been doing much. I did go to hang with some friends, but a migraine interrupted so I cut plans short.

Oh! LJ did finally email me all my notifications crap, INCLUDING CHRISTMAS CRAP! THANK YOU, FLIST! *hugs*

Speaking of...I'm still seriously considering changing my LJ name. It was a silly little thing I picked out like a decade ago, and it's just not me anymore. Plus, um, I'm kind of getting sick of people I don't know who read some fic I wrote like ten years ago under this name and come here and PM me and ask for more or whatever.

Plus, at this point, 'cool' spellings of common names just strike me as silly. I'm tired of Feylene. I am just plain Faye.

The only problem is, I shouldn't be picking an LJ name right now. (At least acrossthesky is already taken, because if not....) Of course, crossthesky isn't taken....

I have a problem. And now I have this image of nijawial and Sasuke staging some sort of intervention. Or just backing me into a corner and spraying me in the face with water and yelling 'No! Bad Faye!'.

OH! That reminds me! I've also been playing The Sims. Now that I've transferred the important things from Walter to Tolten, Walter was cleared off and defragged and now he's very happy running my games and my graphic programs.

I'll have to post some Sims pics later, since I'm on Tolten, but holy crap. Each time I make a new household, I comment that these are/this is the funniest Sim/s I've had. And once more, we've been beaten. How?

Naked. Guitar.

"Apparently, I Have Polio Too...."

Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it! Happy Friday to everybody else. :D

I know I said I'd be in the land of no internet, but as it turns out, that is not the case. Apparently this year was the year to psych each other out. I was expecting my big Christmas gift this year to be rent money. That's what my folks and I had talked about, and I mentioned a DVR recorder (is that as redundant as ATM machine? I suck at acronyms...) as a wrapped gift.

When I opened the square, DVR shaped box this morning....

It was a Macbook Pro.

I have a Macbook Pro.

He's beautiful.

He's very shiny. Which means there's really no choice when it comes to names. I have christened him after the shiniest and sparkliest of them all. But of course will just call him Shinybottom. Now I just need to paint him gold. ;) Though he's clearly not themed, as my home folder/account is named Project Blue. I'm such a dork.

And my father is still speechless over the Retro-Duo Nintendo/Super Nintendo system I got him. The first thing he did after family gifts was go out to the garage and haul in his tub of SNES games. We'll be setting his system up shortly. :D

It's been a really nice Christmas. And not just because of awesome, unexpected gifts. Christmas has become something really special for me and my parents. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning it's just us. We can relax, we can indulge in those activities that are not grandchildren friendly, and just a bunch of things that have become personal traditions. We capped off Christmas Eve with Lemon Deisel and Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special. Hence the title of this post. :D

It's going to get insane when the rest of the family shows up soon, but that's fun too. And hey, I've got plenty of drugs to deal with any stress that comes along. :D

I'm clearly also still crazy. I was reading my little Macbook booklet, and when my eyes lit upon 'Garageband', all I could think of was 21 and 24's 'Wonderful Christmas' cover, and I swear I started to tear up. Oh, you awesome fictional characters, why do you make us love you so?

And finally, to my remaining RP buddies: I'll be back tomorrow!

PS: How do I use spellcheck on a Mac? *winces*
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The Doctors Came on the Evening Train....


I have been sick as all hell for pretty much the whole week. Still sick, but I seem to be on the mend. I was able to keep down some solid food yesterday, and I actually slept last night. I think I managed a good six hours. Had dreams that were weird as hell, but now I can't remember them well. I know attilatehbun was in them. We were going down a crowded stairway into something bad. And there was something about clones....

Anyway, hoping to be able to hop back into stuffs this weekend.

Been re-playing Lost Odyssey. I'm almost to the point where I fucked up royally and screwed myself so bad I had to restart. I pretty much did nothing but play that yesterday, But I made it from the start of the White Boa section all the way to the middle of the Sorceress' Mansion section. And now I find myself needing a walkthrough.

Then I caught SyFy's showing of The Amnityville Horror. Which...well, for me it was more of a comedy, at least until I was able to completely disassociate the characters and setting in the movie with the actual people and events.

It seriously pisses me off that they still have a 'Based on a True Story' tag in front of the movie. All major players in the hoax, including the priest, have revealed exactly how and why they faked the whole thing. No reason not to make a movie, because it's a damn good story, but can we please stop the whole 'TRUE STORY' crap? I feel the same way about Haunting in Connecticut, even though I haven't seen it. While the real life explanation there is much different, it's the same general idea.

Collapse )

Now we just need moar Dermott, and I'll be a damn happy camper. :D
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I Drink and I Smoke, What More Can I Say? I Bury My Sins in the Old Fashioned Way

Oh hallo, LJ!

You know, people on the internet are way too quick to freak out about how random strangers may or may not be raising their children.

This comes from me catching up on It Made My Day. I haven't been online for more than a few minutes since like...last week. So today as I was getting caught up on things, I checked all my daily sites. One of my favorites is 'It Made My Day'. Little moments of win! posted by people all over. And while some of them are petty and cruel - 'hur hur, that bitch I went to HS with looks like a man now, hur hur!' - a lot of them are just plain awesome and I enjoy that. One of the things posted was the story of a little boy who, when asked about the first rule of crossing the street, responded 'don't talk about fight club!'.

To me, this is hilarious and adorable. But apparently to lots of random people, this is a clear sign of terrible parenting. Because of course a small child knowing an insanely popular quote from a very, very well known movie means that his parents regularly show him a steady diet of twisted R rated films.

I knew that the first rule of Fight Club was no talking about Fight Club for years before I ever actually saw the movie. I can't count how many times I heard it - either in direct conversation or just overhearing someone. And it's still said with crazy frequency, as though the first rule of Fight Club, like the description of Moss Eisley as a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, has just sunk into our collective subconscious. That, and 'I am Jack's ___________'. Though I know I at least don't do that out loud, just inside my head.

The world really does need to calm the hell down sometimes.

Anyway! Not much happening this week. Did some thrift storing with wirdogal and nijawial, been finally watching my VB DVDs with commentary, and hanging out with my sister. Also cleaning and decorating for Christmas! And wirdogal and I are slowly transforming the shed from 'basement smoke place' to 'mystical hut of magic and awesome'. We really need to get some pictures of our latest additions... Mainly an old school Batman comics bedspread for a door and a beautiful dream catcher blanket hung behind the couch.
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A Good Start to the Day!


I got next to none of the cleaning I wanted to get done yesterday. But that's okay, it's only Tuesday! Instead I read a couple hundred more pages of Under the Dome - and still cannot decide if I like it or not! - and introduced nijawial to Urusei Yatsura. I picked up the first two discs at Sabo, in the '3 for ten DVD bin'. Yes, yes, I know it's terribly un-PC and sexist, but it's also almost 30 years old.

So, I actually have been taking a break from my serious projects to dabble in some VB fic. It's eaten my soul, what can I say? Anyway, I didn't bother posting either to my LJ, but I realized I had some VB friends who were not a part of venture_fandom, so...

Not Your Backdoor Man : Hank/Dermott, R, Lots of crude language. Dermott has an idea. Hank doesn't think it's a good one. At all. But anatomical facts don't seem to sway Dermott any....

And this I wrote for the wonderful cartoon_antics! We did a little fic/art trade and she asked for something with Hank and Dermott sneaking out on a date.

A Date in the Life: Hank/Dermott, PG-13, crude language. When Hank and Dermott sneak off the compound to go to the mall, Hank doesn't think there's a chance in hell that anyone could catch them....

Both have full series spoilers!

And cartoon_antics drew me this adorable picture! Lip Glossary/Goat Blood Sacrifice (I am of the mind that they should just call their band 'Batman' and be done with it...;D)

My sister's coming over today. I'm in the middle of trying to catch up on epic amounts of cleaning. And it's grocery shopping day. I'm...going to be insanely busy today. And probably through the week.
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