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Fic: No Man or Woman Pure; Naomi/L; NC-17

This is all t3h_toby_chan's fault. Seriously. Well, that and the way Naomi and L snark at each other in the novel. I tried to preserve that sort of sarcastic banter. THIS WAS HARD!


Title: No Man or Woman Pure
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/Hand, Naomi/L (sort of)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,091
Warnings: Masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, quasi-phone-sex
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for Death Note: Another Note
Summary: There were certain things a woman just couldn't stop in the middle of, no matter who called. It wasn't as though L could know what she was doing....

There were few things that relieved stress and frustration like a good orgasm. Naomi Misora let the white towel fall away from her still damp body and stretched out on her bed. She hadn’t even bothered with atmosphere, she didn’t care. She had never been one of those women who found anything romantic in self pleasure anyway. She’d heard girlfriends talk of candles and incense and dim lights and soft music.

Why go to all of that trouble? It bothered her when Raye tried to light candles or incense. Sex was sex. It was great and it was fun but it didn’t need to be some stereotypically girly thing. She didn’t want to be cuddled or put on a pedestal. She wanted to be treated as an equal, she wanted to be respected.

And sometimes, she just wanted to be fucked.

Raye didn’t matter now anyway. She needed some time away from him. She loved him, and he was good in bed, but she still wasn’t ready to see him again. All they did was fight anyway. He was such a… such a man. He wanted to protect her. She wanted him to value her.

Pushing aside thoughts of Raye - thinking about him was only getting her more aggravated - Naomi settled herself down against her pillows and let her hands fall to rest on her breasts. She had good breasts, as far as she was concerned. Not too big, not too small… they rested in her palms easily. And Raye certainly seemed to like them.

But then again, all men seemed to like all breasts. Naomi was far more picky. Not that she preferred women - there had been some experimenting in college, of course - but she still noticed them. Didn’t all women?

Sighing, she began gently teasing her nipples. God, she needed this. She’d worked dozens of cases before but this one… oh, this one was something altogether different. She didn’t know what she was more frustrated with - the case itself, that damned private eye, or L.

Naomi gritted her teeth, her fingers tightening on her nipples as another wave of anger and infuriation passed over her. She was trying to relax! Taking a deep breath, Naomi licked her lips and rubbed her thighs together. Her body wash left her skin soft and smooth, and she was still slick from the shower.

Biting at her lower lip, the dark haired woman ran a hand down her flat stomach, feeling each defined muscle. She was proud of her body - she worked hard on it. She was all hard muscle, sleek definition beneath smooth skin.

Her hand moved over her hip, rubbing small circles there. She loved the feel of hands on her hips, teasing her. She knew just how to tease herself. Her other hand continued to grasp her breast, teasing her nipple to hardness. This was what she needed. Shifting on the bed, she brushed her fingers over her clit. She could already feel herself getting aroused. It didn’t take much to stimulate her - she didn’t even need to fantasize.

And it was probably for the best, as her mind kept turning to the case and to L. And thinking of L while she was pleasuring herself….

Well, she supposed there were weirder things to think about. It wasn’t as though she could start fantasizing about him anyway, she didn’t even know what he looked like. All she had was his distorted voice that was most often simply giving her orders and correcting her.

Would he give orders in bed? Naomi let her fingers dip lower, sliding along the slick skin between her legs. She liked to be the one to give orders. Would she be able to give orders to L, if he were in bed with her? It was a strange and thrilling thought. She couldn’t help but wonder now what the world famous detective would be like between the sheets. She shifted on her buttocks, spreading her legs to give her fingers better access. She teased her lower lips, wishing she had some face to give the man she was now thinking about.

Her fingers weren’t enough. Naomi reached for the bedside table, for the drawer. She fumbled with it, her free hand running along her breasts and stomach as she pulled out her vibrator. She flipped it on and immediately plunged it between her legs, tilting her head back as the sensations washed over her.

It was almost as good as riding her motorcycle without underwear.

Naomi was panting hard now. She was well on her way to an orgasm. Already she could feel the tenseness leaving her body. She ran the smooth tip of the vibrator between her legs, denying herself the thing she knew would give her the most pleasure. She liked to draw it out, to make it last….


Her cell phone was ringing. She glanced over at it, resting atop the bedside table. Maybe it was Raye. If it was….

Well, Naomi wasn’t going to give up on her alone time just because of a phone call. She was too far gone too stop. Keeping the vibrator between her legs, Naomi reached for her phone.



It was L. Naomi froze, the noise of her vibrator suddenly sounding much louder than normal in her apartment. She held it very still, the phone pressed tightly to her ear.
“What is it, L?” Hopefully he would be quick. It was strange, to hear that flat and distorted voice in her ear as she touched herself.

“Your report. You haven’t called.”

“Oh.” Naomi began moving the vibrator, running it along her lower lips. “I was going to call…later tonight.” She couldn’t stop her voice from hitching as the vibrator passed over a particularly sensitive spot. Could he hear the vibrator? This was such a dirty thing to be doing. But Naomi didn’t care.


Naomi bit her lower lip once more. She cradled the phone on her shoulder and returned her hand to her breast, rubbing her thumb in small circles over her nipple.

“Yes, L?”

“Naomi-san… what are you doing?”

She froze for a moment. He knew. He had to know. Why else would he ask? What did he want her to say? A strange thrill ran through her as she chewed at the inside of her cheek. What could she say?

“I’m talking to you.” She pinched her nipple, stiffling a moan. “Would you like my report now?”

There was a long silence. The sound of the vibrator took center stage once more - the vibrator and the warped sound of L’s breathing.

“Yes. Please.”

Naomi took a deep breath. Now she needed to think about the case and she couldn’t think about anything but L and the fact that she was rather certain she was having some strange sort of phone sex with him.

“There’s very little new to report,” Naomi managed, finally sliding the vibrator inside of her. “Not since we spoke this afternoon. Why don’t you tell me… what you want to know?” Oh god, it felt so good. Naomi was having trouble keeping her breathing even. Was it her imagination, or was he breathing hard as well? What was he doing? Did he really know that she was pleasuring herself while she spoke with him? He’d seen photos of her, did he find her attractive?

“Tell me whatever there is to tell, Naomi-san.”

Whatever there was to tell. Should she tell him she was stretched out naked and damp on her bed, playing with her breast and thrusting a vibrator into her again and again? A part of her was tempted to. But….

“I’m pleased with how things are proceeding,” she said, instead.

“They’re proceeding well?”

“Yes.” Oh yes. They were proceeding very well. Naomi’s blood felt like it was on fire, she was dripping wet between her legs, her nipples were so hard they hurt. “Very well.” Her breath caught again and she clamped her teeth down hard on her lower lip. She was rather certain he was breathing heavily as well.

“Hn. Yes, I can see.”

Now Naomi froze. What did he mean by that? It was hard to discern tone through the voice distortion. But… he’d said ‘yes’, not just ‘I see’. It sounded less like an agreement and more like… he was trying to tell her something.

“You can?”

“Naomi-san….” There was a pause, and Naomi remained still, not daring even to shut off her vibrator. It sounded too loud now. “Naomi-san, you should know that I installed cameras in your apartment.”

Naomi’s eyes widened. She remained frozen, her back arched, her hand on her breast, her hand between her thighs. He was watching her. Where were the cameras? This was a violation of her privacy….

But L was above that sort of thing. She’d heard the stories. She should have known. He was paranoid and cautious, was it so far fetched to think he’d bug her apartment? And now he was on the phone, waiting for her response.

What could she do? She was on the brink of an orgasm as it was. And he had already seen everything as it was. Had he been watching her since she got out of the shower? Had he called her on purpose, to see what she would do? Or was he simply a pervert?

Though if he was a pervert, what did that make her? She’d been touching herself while on the phone with him and enjoying it. Maybe they were both perverts.

“You’re watching me.”

“I thought you would have realized. You’re intelligent, Naomi-san.”

“I made the mistake of thinking you trusted me.” She let herself drop down onto the mattress, her hand still covering one breast. The other was exposed. Her legs were open, the vibrator between them. Her pale skin was damp with sweat, beads of it clinging to the ridges of her muscles. Where were the cameras? What angle was he seeing her from?

“Hn. Naomi-san, you’re too trusting. Have I embarrassed you?”

Embarrassed? No. Naomi had never been ashamed of her body. Or her sexuality. She felt angry, because he had led her on and manipulated her… but hadn’t she done the same thing to him?

“No. Are you enjoying the show?”

“I’ve seen better on the internet.”

Naomi rolled her eyes. She’d known he had a sarcastic sense of humor but that was too much. Did he expect her to try and meet his apparently high expectations? She took a deep breath and began moving the vibrator once more. She didn’t know how she felt about him watching her. Excited, nervous, naughty. She grasped her breast, not trying to stay quiet any longer. He wasn’t saying anything, and if it weren’t for the distorted breathing she would have wondered if he were even still on the line.

She couldn’t ignore it. She was being displayed for some man she’d never even seen, and she was enjoying it. She as angry, but she couldn’t deny the excitement. She worked the vibrator with practiced hands, breathing heavily, moaning, sighing, gripping her breasts to nearly the point of pain, thrusting her hips in the air as she felt a familiar tightening in the pit of her stomach…. She was almost to her peak. She just needed to push herself over the edge.


That did it. She couldn’t hear anything but the distorted words, but she imagined they were said breathlessly. She felt warmth flood through her body as something in her released. It hit her hard. She was shaking and her hand slipped on the vibrator. It fell to the sheets beneath her and she cried out loudly and it was a response, a single letter into the phone that was barely against her ear at this point.

And then it was over, and Naomi was laying on her bed bathed in sweat, the vibrator’s sounds muffled by the sheets. She picked up the phone, returning it to her ear. There was silence on the line.

“L?” This time she spoke his name in as normal a voice as she could manage.

“I’m here. If you don’t have anything new to report, I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow.” And with that, the phone went dead. Naomi lay there for a long while, her phone still on and her body still trembling before getting up to take another shower.

She wondered if she’d ever be able to touch herself again without thinking of L.
Tags: death note, fic, naomi/l, porn for the revolution

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