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One_Liners, L/Naomi, 1-10

Title: Ten Sentences (Of Fifty)
Author: theladyfeylene
Written For: one_liners, Table 6
Pairing: L/Naomi Misora
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Death Note anime, manga, and companion novel 'Another Note'.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money off of it!
Prompts: 1 - 10

1; Air: Looking up at the thousands of stars, Naomi couldn’t help but wonder if even L ever found himself humbled by the sheer endlessness of the sky - but if anyone could withstand the force of eternity without feeling insignificant, it was him.

2; Earth: There was nowhere on the face of the earth that she could go that he couldn’t find her - and watch her.

3; Fire: It was always surprising to Naomi, when his hand brushed against hers or she reached to tuck his hair back out of his eyes, that his skin was so warm - as cold and aloof as he was, he should have felt like ice, not fire.

4; Water: The warm breeze blew the scent of the ocean in through the hotel window, and Naomi had no doubt that this was as close to paradise as ever could be found on Earth - and yet all she could think about was a cold and empty LA subway station and a pair of haunted, insomnia-rimmed eyes.

5; Spirit: He knew it was unrealistic to imagine that Naomi had simply spirited herself away somewhere, left Japan without a word following the death of her fiancé, but that small part of his mind which was still free from the iron grip of logic and cold hard fact refused to give up the idea that she could still be alive.

6; Alone: Why was it that since solving the Beyond Birthday case, even when she was wrapped tightly in Raye’s arms, Naomi still felt as though she were completely alone?

7; Babble: Whenever Raye asked her about the LA case, Naomi found herself babbling on almost hysterically - she didn’t want him to know about L, and about how L had made her feel.

8; Blood: It had been surprising, seeing L bleed - he had always been something more than human to her, something immortal and untouchable; but she had kissed the paper cut that slashed across his finger in a moment of rare affection - and she decided he was very touchable after all.

9; Candles: “The power’s out, and I can’t find any candles,” Naomi called from the kitchen; L only took her hand and whispered they didn’t need candles to find each other in the dark.

10; Cat: Naomi never did explain to Raye why she named the scrawny, sickly looking gray cat with the dark markings around his eyes ‘Ryuzaki’.
Tags: death note, naomi/l

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